Salient Features
Salient Features
  • Henceforth tenders with estimated value less than Rs.5 Lacs need not be advertised any longer in National Dailies and should be limited only to editions of two leading daily news papers published from Uttaranchal.
  • NIT published in the New Papers should clearly mention that these tenders, are available on our web site with the facility to download the "Tender Document" from there itself. Tender documents having value upto 100 Lacs can be obtained by downloading from the web site only and will not be sold physically from any locations of UJVNL.
    However it has been decided that, from 01.02.2006 onwards, all tenders of the Nigam having value more than Rs. 100 Lacs, besides being available on the website of UJVNL i.e.  will also be sold physically from following locations of the Nigam: -
    1. Indenting office.
    2. Office of the concerned GM
    3. Office of the Manager (A&S), Corporate Office
  • The Senior Manager (IT) shall, upon checking through and random auditing of the set of tender documents upload the tender on the Web site, and advise the Manager(Admn. & Security) to publish the brief intimation of NIT in the news papers.
  • The Web Based Tendering System facilitates the tenderer to download and use the Tender Documents for the purpose of submitting the bids along with the cost of tender. However, it will be the responsibility of prospective bidders to ensure use of the complete Tender Documents available on website ( ). The Executive Engineer responsible for issuing the tender document should clearly mention the cost of the down loaded Tender Document as per table given below which has to be submitted together with the specified earnest money along with the bid. It would be the sole responsibility of the concerned tender issuing office to ensure that the soft copy in CD / Floppy sent by them matches with the contents of the Hard copy.


Sl.No. Estimated Value of Works Tender Document & Analysis Fees
1 Upto Rs 1.00 Lakhs Rs 100.00
2 Above 1.00 lakh & upto 5.00 lakhs Rs 250.00
3 Above Rs 5.00 lakh & upto Rs 10.00 lakh Rs 500.00
4 Above Rs 10.00 lakh & upto Rs 25.00 lakh Rs 1,000.00
5 Above Rs 25.00 lakh & upto Rs 50.00 lakh Rs 2,000.00
6 Above Rs 50.00 lakh & upto Rs 100.00 lakh Rs 5,000.00
7 Above Rs 100.00 lakh & upto Rs 250.00 lakh Rs 10,000.00
8 Above Rs 250.00 lakh & upto Rs 500.00 lakh Rs 15,000.00
9 Above Rs 500.00 lakh & upto Rs 1000.00 lakh Rs 20,000.00
10* Above Rs. 10 Crores and upto Rs. 25 Crores Rs. 25,000.00
11* Above Rs. 25 Crores Either Rs. 1.00 lac or as decided on case to case basis with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Order No. 1712/ED(B&C)/UJVNL Dated 19.07.2007

*Order No. 33/UJVNL/ED(Civil)/Tender Dated 24.01.2008

  • The above fees is non-refundable.
  • The Tenders Documents / Tender Analysis fees as stated above should be deposited in the form of DD drawn in favour of UJVNL(SBI A/c No 30024638487) & payable at Dehradun.
  • The above tender documents /tender analysis fees is excluding sales tax which shall be charged extra as per rules.
At the time of tender on website it should be ensured by the tender issuing office that: -
  • That the cost of downloaded Tender Document must be submitted along with the offer as already mentioned above.
  • Those Prospective Bidders who will download the Tender Document will intimate the Tender Issuing Office about its downloading and it is the responsibility of the Tender Issuing Office that they will directly intimate the Tenderer for any alteration in the Tender Documents (besides issuing the Corrigendum).
  • The system facilitates the Tenderer to download and use the Tender Documents for the purpose of submitting the bids. However it will be the responsibility of prospective bidders to ensure the use of complete Tender Documents available on website (
At the time of submission of the tender it will be ensured by the concerned officer that:-
  • The duly filled and signed Application Downloading Form which has been used by the vendor for downloading the tender document from web site has been submitted in original( as downloaded) along with the tender document. If This "Application Form" is not submitted with the tender it will be summarily rejected .
  • The vendor has submitted a list of last 10 orders, with brief description of the works, which may have been executed by the bidder for UJVNL.
  • The vendor has submitted Performance Certificate from the concerned General Manager for the last 5(five) jobs which he may have performed in Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd Such data and information should not be concealed by the bidder.
  • The tender document has been submitted duly signed on each page and in original as downloaded by the tendered. Photocopy of the downloaded tender document will not be accepted in any case and the tender will be summarily rejected.
  • Complete tender documents can be submitted by the tenderness at any of the following three offices of the Nigam:-
    1. Office of the concerned GM
    2. Indenting Office
    3. Office of the Manager (A&S), Corporate Office
  • The tenders shall be opened at the indenting office three days after the last date of their submission so as to allow time for transportation of tender proposals from other offices to indenting office.
  • The tender boxes bearing tender numbers will be removed from above offices at close of tender date and time.